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Verification / Peer review

To verify and peer review your assessment you need to pilot it with your colleagues/collaborators.

A pilot obtains evidence that helps validate the assessment and allows you to correct issues before you deliver a test to your students.

Brief guidance on piloting:

  • Create a test assessment to include all your questions with marking and feedback.
  • Schedule this test assessment to yourself and colleagues. We recommend to run a pilot with either your colleagues or PHD students and allow feedback and marking to be visible. Make sure you set up the same time limits as you intend to do for the real test, it will help to evaluate your timing as well as your questions.
  • Check marking schema and feedback for each question, your colleagues should be able to achieve 100% on the test.
  • Run item analysis on the pilot results. Item analysis is a powerful statistical technique that lets you identify weak questions which you can either remove or improve.
  • Check the following:
    • Are you happy with the layout/design?
    • Are you using the accessibility functions?
    • Do you need a special character palette?
    • Is the scoring correct?
    • Is the feedback correct?
    • Are there alternative answers that are correct as well?
    • Is the time limit correct?
  • Mark this assessment as approved, so it is ready for students
The information on this page relates to QMP and was last updated August 2020.


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