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The media industry is very broad and covers Radio, TV and interactive, digital and online media. There has been a huge expansion in TV and radio stations over the last few years providing more career openings. The industry wants students who are technologically savvy as well as having an excellent degree. Therefore Warwick students need to increase their technical skills by e.g. learning to use Final Cut Pro editing programmes, lighting, sound, or working with Warwick TV or Radio at Warwick (RAW).

How do I write a CV?

This short course will take you through the basics of writing a CV.

Interview training

Learn how to pass interviews and assessment centers.

Cover letters

This short course will teach you how to write a covering letter.

Getting into radio
Where to find work

Jobs in theatre, music, visual arts and media.


News, analysis and commentary on the broadcasting industry.


Film and television production vacancies and castings.


Sky are on of the UK's largest employers in the industry.