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Application Forms

Application forms ask for basic biographical information, but will also contain open questions which require research. Employers want to see that you have identified a clear link between the work they do and your interests and skills.

  • Read through the whole form first and make notes about what you are going to put in each section
  • Do not copy and paste your answers directly from other applications – questions on teamwork, for example, may well require your answer to be phrased quite differently
  • Word counts will vary considerably – always stick to the limit but don’t be significantly under as your answer will not be detailed enough to score well
  • Check the qualities the employer is seeking and show clear evidence that you possess them. Go beyond their key competencies to think about the situations and type of work actually involved in the job
  • Select your examples from a range of settings, e.g. academic, work related, extracurricular activities etc. Every question will be looking for you to relate your skills and experience to the job requirements
  • Give specific and individual reasons for wanting to work for the company
  • CARE frameworkto help you structure your answers.
  • Give yourself plenty of time - these things always take longer than you think
  • Keep a copy of the form so you can remember what was said when you are invited to interview
  • If English is not your first language ask an English friend or colleague to review your grammar and choice of vocabulary
  • Check your answers thoroughly. Once you have submitted the form you will not be able to edit it again, so ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors.