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Testing - aptitude and psychometric

Numerical Reasoning
  • Averages, percentages, ratios or comparisons
  • Most organisations especially finance, accounting, banking, engineering
Abstract/Logical Reasoning
  • Your ability to spot patterns/spatial clues and use them to solve problems
  • Many organisations especially finance, accounting, banking, engineering
Verbal Reasoning
  • Ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information
  • Many organisations, especially law, retail, some marketing
Critical Reasoning
  • These are higher-level verbal ability tests, tasks could include spellings and solving word-based problems.
  • Watson Glaser practice questions available from the help desk
Situational Judgement
Personality Questionnaire

How to prepare

  • Practise – first untimed, then introducing test conditions
  • Read the question carefully
  • Tackle aspects step by step, developing a strategy that works for you
  • If you get stuck, make an educated guess or come back later if you are allowed
  • Get into the habit of keeping going...
On the day

At home: Do the tests in a quiet area and make sure you have the time to complete them. Do the tests yourself – don’t use a clever friend! (You could be re-tested at the assessment centre).

At assessment centre: Work quickly but accurately through each question. Don’t get stopped by one difficult question – leave it and move on. Keep your eye on the time.

If you need help talk to staff at the help desk or make an appointment.

We also offer Numerical Skills Mentors Drop ins for support with any maths and stats queries.

External links

E-books available via the library include:

The numeracy test workbook / Mike Bryon

Verbal reasoning test workbook / Mike Byron

Ultimate psychometric tests / Mike Bryon

There are also print copies of testing books in the main library and in Learning Grid, University House. Use the library catalogue to search for books.