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Assessment centres

Assessment centres are often the next stage in the selection process following a successful first interview.

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How are assessment centres structured?

  • Normally involve a series of individual and group exercises to assess your skills, competencies, suitability to the role and the employer organisation
  • Usually the final stage of the selection procedure, although you may be required to attend a further interview
  • For some roles this may include a technical interview e.g. IT, engineering
  • Variable in there duration from half a day to 3 days. Employers provide full details of the assessment centre schedule in advance
  • Employers assess candidates individually against the competencies of the role and not each other.

The tasks are designed to measure the skills and competencies required to do the job and may include all or a selection of:

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What is the employer expecting?

  • Punctuality
  • Smart appearance, dressed appropriately
  • Respect for the assessors and other candidates (e.g. turn off mobile phones!)
  • To be yourself and demonstrate your personality
  • To actively engage and participate in organised group exercises. Try to achieve a balance - neither dominating/monopolising or being too quiet and unresponsive during the group exercise(s)
  • You are not expected to excel across the entire assessment centre, but evidence of your ability to work in a team, engage with managers, and your personal qualities are crucial to your performance. And ultimate selection.

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