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Career Planning Statements

Which statement best fits you? Use these answers to help start planning your career.

Don't leave it too late! It's much easier to develop the skills employers require during your degree than after graduation.

Gaining experience not only makes you a stronger candidate when applying for jobs, but it will increase your self-awarenessand will help you to explore what you like or dislike about work.

  • Explore our get experience pages to find experience that can inform your long-term career thinking and develop your CV
  • You may find it helpful to complete our Self Awareness Moodle before booking an appointment
  • If you are not ready to think about your career because you don't know where to begin, you may wish to book an appointment to speak to a member of the Careers team.

If you are ready to start thinking about your career options then you may want to consider the following:

If you are ready to apply for opportunities you may want to consider the following:

Congratulations, and good luck. Remember you can access careers support after you graduate if you need our help.