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What can I do with my degree?

Illustration of a person wearing casual clothes looking at their reflection in a mirror. Their reflection is wearing business clothes.

What career options are available to you with your degree subject?

Each degree subject will equip you with a range of unique skills. These will also enhance your employability. These are the skills graduate recruiters value.

Check out the specific skills you will develop through undergraduate degree subjects at Warwick in the list below.

In truth, most graduate recruiters don’t mind what degree subject you’ve studied (unless you are required to have a specific degree such as Medicine or Engineering). Most career options are therefore open to graduates of any discipline.

Browse our library of Careers Stories, written by alumni and current students, to help provide you with career inspiration and confidence, as well as lots of hints, tips and advice on gaining your first graduate role, whatever career path you are interested in and wherever in the world you would like to work.

Get skills and experience

Student Opportunity brings together many ways to develop your skills and employability throughout your time at Warwick.

The Warwick Award

Develop and demonstrate vital employability skills.


International team work experience - virtually.

Warwick Volunteers

Change your life - and change the lives of others.


Find work experience and get ready for graduate jobs.


Interdisciplinary research opportunities for undergraduates.

 Intercultural Training

Understand, communicate, and build effective relationships.

Students Union Clubs and Societies

With over 300 student-run clubs and societies offered through our Students’ Union you are sure to be able to meet new friends, do the things you love, or try something new. Getting involved with clubs and societies is also a great chance to develop your employability and skills that will help you to stand out to future employers. (Don’t forget to look at how the Warwick Award can help you to reflect on and demonstrate those skills.)