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Your background

Your background is an important part of who you are and can impact on your career planning in a number of ways. You might be concerned that your non traditional qualifications won’t be recognised by employers or that your lack of contacts in the area you want to go into might make it harder for you to get work experience.


The Careers team is able to support students with a disability (visible or invisible), long term or mental health condition at any stage of your career planning through appointments; workshops; resources both online and in Student Opportunity (based in University House, Learning Grid) and by working closely with disability services.

Ethinic diversity

Many employers are keen to recruit diverse workforces to reflect their client base and to ensure all voices are represented within their teams. Some have specific diversity initiatives whilst others support the university in projects such as mentoring.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBTUA+)

You are not required to disclose your sexual orientation and/or gender identity when applying to an employer, but you may choose to do so.

It might be apparent from your membership of societies for example that you are a LGBTUA+ applicant. If your application is rejected it is unlikely to be because of your sexual orientation and/or gender identity and more likely that you did not meet the criteria of the role.

However, if you are invited to interview it demonstrates that your sexual orientation and/or gender identity is not a barrier to employment. It is your choice what to include in your applications – if in doubt book an appointment with a careers consultant.

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