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Graduate support

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The Warwick Careers Graduate Toolkit

Congratulations on completing your degree, a fantastic achievement!

You will graduate with a degree from the 5th most targeted university by graduate employers in the UK and the skills your course have given you are highly valued by recruiters. But choosing a career can be challenging and if you don’t know what to do or even where to begin, this toolkit is for you.

If you are still looking for a graduate job or a post graduate course there are lots of vacancies currently available and the careers team can help you to make an informed, effective application.

It is never too late to access careers support

Your Careers Service is here to help you make your career decision and you can continue to get advice and support for up to 2 years after graduation via myAdvantage.

To register for graduate access to myAdvantage choose ‘log in as a graduate’ and use the ‘reset your password’ link. Enter your username and a current email address.

We'd like to stay in touch and support you as you begin your transition into the work, further study or other opportunities. Find out more about ways in which you can stay in touch with Warwick once you finish, and the Graduate Outcomes Survey, on our Keep in Touch page, here.

Fair Usage Policy

The demand for careers appointments is high and we want to ensure there is fair access for students across the institution and for our graduates. As such we apply the following fair use policy.

  • Maximum appointments: Graduates (within 2 years) can only have 1 appointment booked in a 7-day period and it is expected that you will have no more than 3 appointments in one academic year. This may be extended under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Careers Services Manager. Graduates who have used their appointment allowance can still access support via our events, workshops, events and online resources.
  • We are not able to support students who are asked to withdraw from courses or who decide to leave before completing their degree, beyond 3 months.
  • We do not proof read or spellcheck your applications or CVs.

If you have questions regarding the fair usage policy you can contact us.

1. Know yourself: why this is so important when planning.


2. Explore options: where can your degree take you?


3. Get focused: our top tips to help you make a plan!


4. Take action: make effective applications.


5. Starting your first job: we can support you


6. FAQs: answers to your top questions.