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Supervision and Monitoring Guidelines

Responsibilities of Research Students

  • PGRs are responsible for complying with University regulations, communicating clearly with and actively seeking advice from their supervisors, and to contributing to the research environment of their department and the wider University.
  • PGRs must inform their supervisors if they plan to be away from their studies, and to take initiative in raising problems or difficulties.
  • PGRs are responsible for deciding when to submit their thesis for examination and must notify the University of their intention.
  • Supervision resources for PGRs


Regulation 11:Academic Integrity

Reg15: Higher Doctorates

Reg36: Student Registration, Attendance and Progress

Reg38: Research Degrees

Reg42: Academic Appeals

Changes to Registration

PGRs begin by being registered with four years full-time (or seven years part-time) to submit a thesis for examination. Requests to change registration are made through Student Records Online and in accordance with Regulation 36. Some funders have additional conditions on registration above University Regulations.

  • Annual leave - short period of leave without formally interrupting study.