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PGR Fee & Stipend Rates

2022/23 Stipend Increase

Following the UKRI announcement to increase to the 2022/23 minimum stipend rate we are delighted to announce that we will be applying up to a 10% stipend increase to all students who receive their stipends from the University. This includes:

  • Central university scholarship stipends (Chancellors, internally funded CDTs, Sanctuary, WIF/WCF)
  • Cotutelle and Joint Programme stipends when the student is in the UK (ARAP, EUTOPIA, Monash-Warwick Alliance, SUSTech)
  • Department Scholarship stipends
  • IAS Early Career Fellowships
  • Philanthropic donation stipends
  • UKRI Training Grants stipends (CDTs, CTPs, DTPs)

Enhanced Stipends

Where you are paid an enhanced stipend beyond the UKRI minimum rate, the 10% increase will apply only to the UKRI minimum stipend element of your studentship (e.g. additional £1,606 on top of the previously published £16,062 rate for the 22/23 academic year).

External Funding

Where a stipend is co-funded with an external partner, collaboration agreements will have to be re-negotiated. If, upon discussion, a partner is unable to provide additional funding, Warwick will underwrite the 10% increase to the UKRI minimum element for the duration of the studentship.

Where you are wholly paid by an external sponsor (e.g. Industry, ERC, Foreign Government), please refer to them for information about possible stipend increases. If an external funder does not provide a stipend increase, we regret being unable to cover this. Some external funding bodies have already made statements about this:

Additional Support

We appreciate this welcome increase to stipends during the cost-of-living crisis will not reach everyone affected. If you are are experiencing financial hardship, please refer to Funding for Current PGRs for information on other sources of support. We will prioritise requests from students who are unfunded or have not benefited from the 10% stipend increase within the PGR Hardship Fund scheme remit.

Payment Schedules

The PGR Funding team within the Doctoral College are now working very hard to update your payments. Payments will be made on time, and if the increased rate cannot be paid by 1 October, a catch-up payment will be provided within the same month. You should have received the new increased stipend rate by 31 October 2022. Please do not direct any enquiries about changing stipend rates to us before November while the team complete this large, additional, and urgent work.

UKRI Minimum Rate Stipend

Year Annual Stipend1 Monthly Stipend1 Home Fees (Overseas fees)
2020-212 £15,285.00 £1,273.75 £4,407.00
2021-222 £15,609.00 £1,300.75 £4,500.00
2022-232 £17,668.00 £1,472.33 £4,596.00
2023-243 £18,200.00 £1,516.67 £4,694.00
2024-253 £18,750.00 £1,562.50 £4,794.00
2025-263 £19,310.00 £1,609.17 £4,896.00
2026-273 £19,890.00 £1,657.50 £5,000.00
  1. Enhanced Stipends are available for some degrees. Please contact your department for further information
  2. Source: UKRILink opens in a new window
  3. Rates for future years are based on estimated increases for inflation and are not confirmed.

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