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PGR Parental Leave

In effect from October 2019. Last reviewed 16 November 2023.

Following the birth or placement of a child, eligible research students can take maternity, paternity, unpaid parental or adoption leave. Please read all sections in full and submit the required forms at the time of claiming parental leave.

1.1.1 All research students registered at the University of Warwick are eligible to take up to 52 weeks of maternity leave by suspending their studies, if they are:

  • the person who will give birth or
  • the primary adopter or
  • the primary intended parent through a surrogacy arrangement

1.1.2 Where a student is in receipt of a stipend, entitlement to paid maternity leave and an extension to their funded period is determined by the conditions of their funding. Students who are unsure about the source of their funding should contact their Department Postgraduate Administrator for clarification.

  • UKRI Training Grant and University (central or department) funding

    To qualify for paid maternity leave, the expected week of childbirth (from Mat B1 form) must be within the Studentship or Scholarship funded period.

    • 26 weeks (6 monthly instalments) full stipend capped at the standard UKRI rate, followed by
    • 13 weeks (3 monthly instalments) at reduced SMP rate, and
    • 13 weeks (3 months) unpaid.
  • External funding – payment provided at the discretion of the funder, to be confirmed by the department.
  • Self-funding, unfunded, and fees-only – no payment provided during maternity leave.

1.1.3 Students who are registered part time will receive their standard pro-rata stipend payments capped at UKRI rates (for the initial 26-week period as above) followed by 13 weeks the reduced SMP payment, capped to a maximum of 100% of their normal stipend rate.

1.1.4 Students do not have to take the full 52 weeks maternity leave and can opt for a shorter period of maternity leave; however, in line with guidance for staff, students are expected take at least two weeks leave following the birth of the child.