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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the Alliance Joint PhD over a traditional PhD?

You will have simultaneous access to facilities and services at two internationally renowned institutions, and will be supported by a team of exceptional academics across the two institutions.

Throughout the Alliance Joint PhD, you can expect:

  • Supervision from a minimum of two internationally renowned scholars;
  • Joint enrolment at two institutions with access to all facilities and resources available to local students;
  • Access to professional and academic training at both institutions;
  • To be at the forefront of world-leading, innovative research;
  • To access and develop professional networks on opposite sides of the globe;
  • To develop the academic, professional and personal skills that will enable you to negotiate the global job market as a truly international citizen.

How does the supervisory system work?

A supervisor's role is to support you and offer guidance, beginning with helping to organise your initial objectives. You will have regular contact with your supervisory team throughout your programme.

Throughout the Alliance Joint PhD, you will have a minimum of two supervisors, one from each institution.

What if I want to do an interdisciplinary research project?

Your supervisors at Warwick and Monash do not have to come from the same academic discipline. As long as the supervisors agree that it is appropriate, and they are willing, to co-supervise your project then the supervisors can be from different academic disciplines. It is also possible to have two supervisors at each university, i.e. a total of four supervisors, in order to facilitate interdisciplinary research.

What is the duration of the Alliance Joint PhD?

Students are expected to complete their requirements for their degree within three years, with the opportunity to extend to a possible maximum of four years.

What services, facilities and sources of support are available throughout the programme?

You will have access to all the services and support provided to students at both institutions throughout the programme.

Find out more about the comprehensive range of support and services available for postgraduate researchers at Warwick.

How long am I expected to spend at each institution?

You are required to spend a minimum of one year at the University of Warwick and one year at one of the Australian campuses of Monash University. You will travel to the other institution to further your research, as discussed with your supervisors; this will usually be in the second year of the programme. The periods you spend at either institution can be as single blocks of study, or can be split into multiple periods, subject to any funding or visa restrictions.

Can I undertake the Alliance Joint PhD on a part-time basis?

You should be enrolled in the Alliance Joint PhD on a full-time basis.

Which institution will award my degree?

You will be asked to choose the institution at which you wish to graduate. You will receive two certificates, one from each university, that act as a counterpart to each other referring to the joint nature of your degree. The certificates will be physically issued by the institution at which you wish to graduate.

Monash University CRICOS Provider Number 00008C

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