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NEW: Digital Certificates

We are pleased to announce that the University of Warwick has extended our partnership with Gradintelligence to include access to digital versions of award certificates. This service will enable graduates to choose to share their digital certificate securely with prospective employers, universities and other third parties. Through a Gradintelligence account, graduates will also be able to develop an online Personal Profile and, optionally, take advantage of the talent matching service which can connect students with targeted graduate level employment and/or further education opportunities.

Digital certificates will be issued in addition to hard copy certificates and will be issued for all levels of award where certificates are issued by the Awards and Ceremonies team, excluding a small number of joint degree programmes.

See below for more information for:

Current Students:

From May 2021 all eligible students receiving an award from the University of Warwick will automatically receive a digital certificate in addition to their hard copy certificate, in the weeks following conferral. You do not need to request a digital certificate. It will be provided automatically.

Degree level students will still need to register an address for the delivery of their hard copy certificate, when asked to do so. More information about digital certificates will be provided during this registration process.

Students receiving lower awards will receive more information about digital and hard copy certificates via email following conferral of their award.

In all cases, we aim to make digital certificates available within one month of conferral via your Gradintelligence account. Undergraduate students, who are registered for a Gradintelligence account in their first year in order to view their formative HEAR, along with any other students who already have a Gradintelligence account, will receive an email from Gradintelligence when their digital certificate is ready to view. All other students will be automatically registered with Gradintelligence and receive an email inviting them to activate their account once their digital certificate is ready to view. We recommend therefore that you do not register your own account but rather wait for the university to do this on your behalf. If you have not received your digital certificate/automated account registration email within one month of conferral, please contact us.

Unfortunately, digital certificates are not available for the small number of joint award programmes where hard copy certificates are not produced by the University of Warwick. Additionally, digital certificates are not currently available for graduates from Cranfield, Exeter and Warwick joint degree programmes, due to the bespoke formatting of the certificates.

For more information on digital certificates, please see our FAQs.

For more information on the HEAR (undergraduates only) please see the HEAR webpage and FAQs.

Data Protection:

Both the HEAR and Digital Certificates are delivered online through the Gradintelligence Software. Data is shared to selected third parties as part of your student journey in line with the Student Privacy Notice.Link opens in a new window This is to fulfil contractual obligations necessary for the performance of your student contract. If you wish to request access removal you must email If you do request access removal you will not be able to access your HEAR or your digital certificate in future.


If you are an alumnus from the University of Warwick and your award was conferred between 2009 and April 2021, please complete our Digital Certificates - Alumni Request Form if you would like to request digital copies of your certificate/s via the third Party Service Gradintelligence.

You will need to meet all of the eligibility requirements listed on the form for us to be able to generate your digital certificate/s. Please do not complete the form if you do not meet all eligibility requirements.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible for digital certificates to be made available for awards issued prior to 1 January 2009 as award data before this date is held in a different format. We hope to be able to extend the Digital Certificate offering to earlier awards in future years.


Members of staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the information above for current students and alumni.

Communication about this new service was made in April and May 2021, via the Teaching, Learning and Assessment staff newsletter, Insite and student newsletters. If you work in an academic department, have responsibility for alumni newsletters, and would like to communicate about this new service, please email us at We will be very happy to work with you in order to ensure a phased approach to alumni communications, ensuring we have the capacity within the Awards and Ceremonies team to process alumni requests.

For more information on digital certificates, please see our FAQs.

For more information on the HEAR (undergraduates only) please see the HEAR webpage and FAQs.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.