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Use plans and tasks for organisation

Personal development

Individuals can use plans to organise and record learning and development over time.

Use tasks within plans to set smaller goals towards a larger outcome, keep track of progress with personal learning activities or workshops to be attended. Build a personal development plan to both capture and demonstrate forward planning by focussing on targets, barriers to success, and to help identify where further support is needed.

Set tasks for a cohort or group

Plans and tasks can be added to templates and shared with groups or individuals. This allows a group of students on the same module (for example) to have a common set of tasks allocated to them. Students CANNOT edit tasks or plans that are shared with them - this functionality will be available in Mahara v19.10 and later.

Create and manage plans and tasks

Create a new plan

  1. Click on the main menu icon, expand the Create section, and select Plans
  2. Click on the New plan icon
  3. Give your plan a title and description
  4. Click Save plan

Add tasks to the plan

  1. Click on New task button after you saved your plan; or click Manage task button or the title of the plan to add new tasks
  2. Enter a Title for your plan
  3. Set a Completion date for the task
  4. Add a Description of the task - ensure that this has enough detail, you can add text, images, links etc to this section.
  5. Click on the Save task button to finish editing

Edit tasks in a plan

  1. Click on the Manage task button or the title of the plan to start editing the tasks
  2. Click on the pencil Edit icon next to the task you want to change
  3. Make the change or mark the task as complete
  4. Click the Save task button and your changes are recorded

Delete a task in a plan

1. Click on the Manage task button or the title of the plan to start editing the tasks

2. Click on the Delete icon next to the task you would like to delete.

Add plans to a page

  1. Select the General section of the block menu to add plans with a number of tasks to any page
  2. Drag and drop Plans onto one of the grey content containers.
  3. A window will fly-in from the right where you can, optionally, click the change block title button to change the block title (it will use the Plan title by default).
  4. Check the box next to the plan (you may only have one) that you want to add.
  5. Set the (maximum) number of tasks that should be visible on the page.
  6. Click Save and the file(s) you have chosen will appear on the page as a list.

Once the plan has been added to the page, you can remove individual tasks from the list.

The information on this page relates to Mahara 19.04 and was last updated May 2020.


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