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Add personal information to your profile

The profile page is the only information in Mahara that is visible to all other users by default.

The default profile shows display name and profile photo to all users and portfolios that are visible (i.e. shared) to the person viewing your profile page. You can view your profile by clicking on your name in the dashboard or edit it via the user menu.

The user menu gives access to the profile page and the profile picture page.

In this guide:

Edit your Profile information

  1. Click on the user menu icon on the top right of the page (next to the profile image thumbnail).
  2. Click on Profile.

This will open the About me tab on the profile page.

About me

This section contains the only mandatory fields. Your firstname and surname are prefilled with your preferred name details (as set in your student or staff) record but can be edited. You can set an alternate display name and add a summary or introduction about yourself.

Contact information

This section is used to bring together contact details such as websites, home and work addresses, phone numbers etc. The email address is required and should already contain your Warwick email address - you can add additional email addresses if you want to. The other fields are optional and can be left blank.

Social media

This section allows the listing of multiple social media profiles.

Click + New social media account, then choose from the drop-down list and complete the relevant details (usually just the URL).

This list is not complete, and includes some options which no longer exist. If you want to add something that is not in the list, such as LinkedIn, for example:

  1. Select Other.
  2. Add the social networks name.
  3. Add the URL for your public profile on the network.

Click Save to store the new social media account. The new social media account will appear in a list on the page.


The general section has only 2 fields - occupation and industry; add your current job title, and the industry field may simply be 'Higher Education'.

Save changes

When you have finished making changes, click Save profile at the bottom of the page to store your updates.

Add a profile picture and set it as default

You can upload up to 5 profile pictures - the pictures you wish to use must be between 16x16 and 1170 x 1170 pixels in size. However, the recommended size is 100x100 pixels so that it looks good on your profile and also in the smaller sizes around Mahara (such as buttons).

  1. Click on the user menu icon on the top right of the page (next to the profile image thumbnail).
  2. Select Profile picture from the Profile Menu.
  3. Click on Choose file to browse for an image that is the correct dimensions.
  4. Give the image a descriptive image title.
  5. Click on Upload, the button will change to say 'Processing ... '
  6. The image will appear in the image list at the top (it is not set as your new profile picture by default).
  7. Set it as the new default image by selecting the tick box next to your image, and clicking on Set default.

Your profile image will update immediately. You can change your default image at any time using step 6.

Add information to your Profile page

Anything added to the profile page is visible to all Mahara users.

  1. Click on your profile picture to open your profile page. The profile page content and layout are managed in the same way as any other page within Mahara.
  2. Turn on editing on the page using the pencil  edit icon at the top right.
  3. Add artefacts to the page by dragging artefact blocks from the left-hand block menu onto content containers in the centre (see below).
  4. Click on the Edit layout tab to change the layout of the profile page.
  5. Click Display page to save and see your updated page.
Remember that all items on this page are 'publicly' viewable to all other Mahara users at Warwick.

Adding profile information to the Profile (and other) page(s)

  1. Select the Personal info section of the block menu to add profile information to any page.
  2. Drag and drop Profile information onto one of the grey content containers.
  3. A window will 'fly-in' from the right where you can, optionally, change the block title.
  4. Choose the fields that you want to display.
  5. Choose a profile picture from your list, or choose to not show a picture.
  6. If you have not used the 'Introduction' field, you can (optionally) add some introductory text here instead (this is not written back to your profile so can be different on any page you add profile information to.
  7. Click Save and the options you have chosen will appear on the page.

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated December 2018.


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