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Showcase: archive exhibitions and slideshows

Our showcase contains online archive exhibitions and slideshows of photographs on a wide range of themes.

More images of archive documents are included in the resources for Warwick modules and digital collections.

Please note: the display of images in the exhibitions is currently not working properly in Internet Explorer. Please use another browser if possible.

Trade unions and employment:

 The National Union of Railwaymen

160 years of engineering trade unionism (exhibition)

A General Strike photograph album, 1926 (slideshow)

International Transport Workers' Federation (exhibition)

King Coal: The Turbulent Story of Coal Mining and its Effect on British Life (exhibition)

The National Union of Railwaymen, 1913-2013 (exhibition)

"Rouse, Ye Women": The Cradley Heath Chain Makers' Strike (exhibition)

The Trades Union Congress at 150 (slideshow)

The Transport and General Workers' Union (exhibition)

Transport strike, 1911 (slideshow)

United We Stand: Photographs of the Workers' Union, 1911-1921 (slideshow)

Health and welfare:

North Stoneham camp

Advice to Mothers: Motherhood from 1910-1957 (exhibition)

Charity Begins at Home (exhibition)

"Rob you of your beer": The British fight against prohibition (slideshow)


 Jack Jones

Jack Jones: A Memorial (exhibition)

Let Robeson Sing (exhibition)

International events:

World Chaos

"B is for Belgrano": The Falklands War, 1982 (exhibition)

Chilean Solidarity: The UK solidarity movement following the 1973 Chilean coup (slideshows)

Cold War: From the Rise of the Iron Curtain to the Fall of the Berlin Wall (exhibition)

Fighting for Votes: The US Presidential Elections and the Civil Rights Movement (exhibition)

The Public Face of Revolution: Snapshots of Russia in 1925 (slideshow)

Revolutionary Germany, 1918-1924 (slideshow)

Nazi Germany in 1936: Press Photographs (slideshow)

"World Chaos": After the 1929 Wall Street Crash (exhibition)

Pressure groups and protest:

Protest and Survive

Freedom and Liberty (exhibition)

Protest and Survive: Peace Movements after the H-Bomb (exhibition)

The role of women:

Performing the Self

Advice to Mothers: Motherhood from 1910-1957 (exhibition)

Freedom on two wheels: The New Woman and the bicycle (slideshows)

Performing the Self: Women's Lives in Historical Perspective (exhibition)

Pioneering Head Mistresses: An 1890 photograph album (slideshow)

"Rouse, Ye Women": The Cradley Heath Chain Makers' Strike (exhibition)

The Struggle for Equal Pay (exhibition)

Fashion: A Century of Expression (slideshow)

Science and technology:

Chemistry: crossed beam instrument used in the study of the detailed reaction dynamics of gas-phase ion molecule reactions

Pioneers: innovators in science and technology (exhibition)

Science and technology at Warwick: photographs from the University Archive (slideshow)

Sport and entertainment:

The Olympics

125 Years of the Beautiful Game: Football, Politics and Society (exhibition)

Freedom on two wheels: The New Woman and the bicycle (slideshows)

The Olympics: Playing Political Games (exhibition)

'The Power of the Cinema': Film in the 1920s and 1930s (exhibition)