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Online exhibitions and image galleries

Archive exhibitions and image galleries

Online archive exhibitions and image galleries of documents on a wide range of themes.

Digitised documents are also included in the resources for Warwick modules and digital collections.


125 Years of the Beautiful Game

Documents about football, politics and society

Art in the Archives

Pictures and stories from our holdings

Crafting Resistance: The art of Chilean political prisoners

Exhibition co-curated by Jasmine Gideon, Birkbeck, University of London, and Gloria Miqueles, Chilean ex-political prisoner, held at the MRC in 2017.

Dare to be free: Revolt and Reform in Regency England

Documents relating to the fight for political and social reform during the 1780s-1830s

International Transport Workers' Federation

Highlights from the archives of the ITF

Jack Jones: A Memorial

Tribute to the former General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union

King Coal

Documents about the turbulent story of coal mining and its effect on British life

Let Robeson Sing

Documents relating to the campaign to overthrow the McCarthyite travel ban on actor, singer and activist Paul Robeson

The National Union of Railwaymen, 1913-2013

Highlights from the archives of the NUR

The Olympics: Playing Political Games

Politics and sport - from the fascism of 1936 Berlin to the Cold War controversies of Moscow in 1980

'The Power of the Cinema'

Documents about the film industry during the 1920s and 1930s

Protest and Survive: Peace Movements after the H-Bomb

Highlights from the MRC's anti-nuclear archives

"Rouse, Ye Women"

Documents about the 1910 Cradley Heath Chain Makers' Strike

The Struggle for Equal Pay

Documents relating to the campaign for equal pay in the first half of the 20th century

The Trades Union Congress at 150

Timeline featuring highlights from the TUC archives

The Transport and General Workers' Union

Highlights from the archives of the TGWU

The Victorian City

Selection of sources on the themes of 'Crime and punishment', 'Employment and trade unionism', 'Housing and welfare', 'Immigration and the Jewish community', 'Political revolt and reform', and 'Women'.

Image galleries:

A General Strike photograph album

Press photos of Britain during the 1926 General Strike

Chilean Solidarity

Documents about the UK solidarity movement following the 1973 Chilean coup

The Defence of Ethiopia

Documents relating to the international response to the Italian occupation of Abyssinia in 1935

Freedom on two wheels

Documents relating to the New Woman and the bicycle - fashion, racing and romance

The Land Worker: rural life between the wars

A radical view of rural life between 1915-1934 from the journal of the National Union of Agricultural and Allied Workers

Nazi Germany in 1936

Press photos of Berlin during preparations for the Olympics and Nuremburg

Pioneering Head Mistresses

Portraits from an 1890 photograph album

The Public Face of Revolution

Snapshots of Russia in 1925

Revolutionary Germany, 1918-1924

Photographs of Germany during the tumultuous years immediately after the First World War

"Rob you of your beer"

Publicity material from the British fight against prohibition, 1920-1926

Science and technology at Warwick

Photographs from the University Archive

Transport strike, 1911

Photographs and other images relating to the national transport strikes

United We Stand: Photographs of the Workers' Union, 1911-1921

From Charlie Chaplin to the Liverpool dock strike - photos of demonstrations, strikes and social events