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Archives digitised for University of Warwick modules

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Amity, Antagonism and Appeasement: Anglo-German Relations, 1871-1945 (HI3G7)

Digitised sources on Anglo-German relations during the first half of the 20th century, with links to catalogue descriptions of other potentially relevant (but undigitised) material.

Includes sections on the First World War (including the build-up and aftermath); travel, tourism and cultural links in the 1920s and 1930s; changing British perceptions of National Socialism; appeasement; the Second World War and the immediate aftermath.

Anti-fascism, Resistance and Liberation in Western Europe (HI392)

Extracts from sources on anti-fascist activities in Europe during the 1930s and 1940s.

Includes sections on Italy, Germany, France, Spain and 'Elsewhere in Europe'.



Britain in the Twentieth Century (HI291)

Digitised sources relating to aspects of British 20th century history.

Includes sections on 'Mass culture and popular pastimes in inter-war society', 'The People's War?' and 'The welfare state'.

British political theatre, 1930s-1950s

Digitised sources on British political theatre in the mid-20th century.



Feminism, Politics, and Social Change in Modern Britain (HI31X)

Digitised sources relating to aspects of feminism, politics, and social change from the 1870s onwards, with links to catalogue descriptions of other potentially relevant (but undigitised) material.

Includes sections on the Victorian women's movement, the suffrage movement, feminism and family, sex and abortion, and the Women's Liberation Movement.

Film in the Weimar Republic and under National Socialism (GE217)

Editions of the illustrated German film programme Illustrierter Film-Kurier for ten key films between 1931-1945.



Gender, History and Politics in Britain (HI253)

Extracts from sources on gender, history and politics in Britain during the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Includes sections on 'Employment', 'Education', 'Sexuality and morality', 'Politics' and 'The First World War'.

Governing Britain (PO355)

Digitised sources on British politics between 1884-1989.

Includes sections on 'The crisis of liberalism (c1870-1918)', 'Liberalism strikes back (1918-1931)', 'Keynes and the Empire to the rescue? (1931-1939)', 'Post-war consensus and crisis (1939-1950)', 'Liberal collectivism or social democracy? (1950-1957)', 'The end of Empire (1957-1964)', 'The growing crisis and end of liberal democracy (1964-1979)' and 'The neo-liberal state (1979-)'.



History of France (HI172)

Digitised sources on the history of France between 1930s-1960s.

Includes sections on 'Fascism and the Popular Front', 'Second World War: Resistance and collaboration', 'Algeria' and 'May 1968'.

History of Germany (HI290)

Digitised sources on the history of Germany between 1918-1947.

Included sections on 'Years of crisis, 1918-1923', 'Rise of extremism, 1923-1933', 'Policies of the Third Reich', 'Resistance to the Third Reich', 'Germany at war', and 'Defeat and occupation'.

History of Human Rights in Latin America (HI3K3)

Digitised sources relating to human rights, politics and the labour movement in Latin America during the first half of the 20th century.

Subjects include: Mexico after the revolution, Argentina before and after Peron, and the establishment of the Confederation of Latin American Workers.



Politics and Society in Eastern Africa, 1800-1989 (HI268)

Extracts from sources on aspects of politics and society in Eastern Africa between 1920s-1980s. Many of the documents relate to Kenya, though Uganda and Tanganyika are also represented.



Race, Ethnicity, and Migration in Modern Britain (HI2D4) and Racism and Xenophobia (SO337)

Digitised sources on race, ethnicity and migration in Britain from the late 19th century onwards, with links to catalogue descriptions of other potentially relevant (but undigitised) material.

Includes sections on 'Jewish East London', 'Britain's ports, 1910s-1930s', 'European refugees and fascism, 1933-1945', 'The British Commonwealth and the Second World War', 'West Indian migration, 1948-1958', 'The 1958 riots', 'Enoch Powell and the 1968 "Rivers of Blood" speech', 'The National Front and the anti-fascist response in the 1970s' and 'Race, policing and the 1980s riots'.



Social Welfare in Britain (SO110)

Sources on social welfare in Britain between 1886-1976.

Includes digitised sources on the Beveridge Report and the formation of the National Health Service, and extracts from additional documents on 'pauperism' and charity, unemployment, housing, healthcare and social security.

Sociology of Education (SO123)

Digitised sources on education in Britain between 1943-2015, with links to catalogue descriptions of other potentially relevant (but undigitised) material.

Includes sections on 'The 1944 Education Act and post-war reconstruction', 'Selective education and the eleven-plus', 'Class and income', 'Gender', 'Race and religion', 'Sex and sexuality', 'Changing state: the 1988 Education Reform Act', 'Teachers and teaching: changing practices, roles and identities', 'The forces of privatisation: from New Labour to the present', 'The making and shaping of higher education' and 'Student roles and identities in higher education'.

Stalinism in Europe (HI31E)

Digitised sources on the Soviet Union and Stalinism in Europe.

Includes sections on 'Transforming Russia: the 'Revolution from above'', 'Looking East: perceptions of the Soviet Union in Europe', 'Stalinist culture', 'Communist vs. Fascism', 'The 'Great Terror'', 'The Great Patriotic War', 'The Sovietisation of Eastern Europe' and 'Stalinism after Stalin'.



The Politics of Protest: Social Movements in Western Europe since the 1960's (HI157)

Extracts from documents relating to protest movements in Western Europe during the second half of the 20th century.

Includes sections on 'International solidarity with the Algerian revolution', 'Peace movements', 'Civil rights and Black Power', '1968: Paris and Prague', 'Far-left movements and student radicalism', 'Terrorism and counter-terrorism', 'Feminism' and 'Green parties and environmentalism'.



War and Economy in the 20th Century (EC224)

Digitised sources in three sections: 'Food rationing and price control'; 'War savings: compulsion or voluntarism?'; and 'The arms trade'.