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Archives digitised for University of Warwick modules

Examples of documents

Follow the links below to find images of documents relevant to undergraduate Economics, German, History, Politics, Sociology and Theatre and Performance Studies modules. In some cases, only part of the document has been put online - researchers can see the whole item at the Modern Records Centre.

'Ready-made' searches of the archive catalogue are also available. More online sources can be found in our digital collections, which contain complete digital copies of selected documents. Our online exhibitions also contain images of documents relating to particular themes.


EC224. War and Economy in the 20th Century

German Studies:

GE217. Film in the Weimar Republic and under National Socialism


HI153. Making of the Modern World:

Ideologies and States

War, Violence and Modernity


HI175. Historian's Toolkit: '1979 And All That'

HI253. Gender, History and Politics in Britain

HI290. History of Germany

HI2D4. Race, Ethnicity, and Migration in Modern Britain

HI31E. Stalinism in Europe

HI3G7. Amity, Antagonism and Appeasement: Anglo-German Relations, 1871-1945

HI157. The Politics of Protest: Social Movements in Western Europe since the 1960's (not running 2018/19)

HI172. History of France, 1848-1998 (not running 2018/19)

HI268. Politics and Society in Eastern Africa, 1800-1989 (not running 2018/19)

HI291. Britain in the Twentieth Century (not running 2018/19)

HI31X. Feminism, Politics, and Social Change in Modern Britain (not running 2018/19)

HI371. The Victorian City (not running 2018/19)

HI384. British Culture and the Great War (not running 2018/19)

HI392. Anti-fascism, Resistance and Liberation in Western Europe (not running 2018/19)


PO102. Political Research in the 21st Century

PO355. Governing Britain


SO123. The Sociology of Education

SO337. Racism and Xenophobia

SO110. Social Welfare in Britain (not running 2018/9)

SO111. Birth of Feminisms (not running 2018/9)

SO330. 'Race', Difference and the Inclusive Society (not running 2018/9)

Theatre and Performance Studies:

British political theatre, 1930s-1950s