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Archives in depth

Archives in depth

Frustrating, glorious, time-consuming, engrossing, side-tracking, revelatory, challenging, overwhelming - archival research triggers different responses in every individual.

This series of blog posts, articles and podcasts produced by some of our researchers and volunteers includes examinations of particular topics through sources held at the MRC, along with some broader reflections on the process of research.

International Brigadists in camps in the South of France following the Spanish Civil War

Irene Garcia

Mind Matters: The Evolution of Mental Health Care in the UKLink opens in a new window

Karima Aqli, Glory Chan, Zaeem Hoque and Khilna Shah

A study into conditions for the poor in the nineteenth century

Miša Hennin

Volunteering at the MRC: My video analysis of Grunwick

Gabriel Wynne

The Railway Review, 1900-1948

Hannah Reeves

Britain in the 1970s: Trade union history

Louise Machin

Britain in the 1970s: History of homosexuality

Vikki Willcox

Britain in the 1970s: History of the permissive society

Lucy Paull

Britain in the 1970s: History of Warwick students

Andrew Burchell

Britain in the 1970s: History of Warwick University

Eliza Fleming

Britain in the 1970s: History of punk and crisis of masculinity

Anastasia Schulze

Researching Crossman

Series of articles by Andrew Burchell and Marie-Astrid Purton, following research funded by the URSS scheme