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Research guides


Our guides provide information on archive sources held at the Modern Records Centre which are relevant to particular research subjects.

Family history:

Are you looking for an ancestor? (information on sources for genealogy at the Modern Records Centre, arranged by occupation)

Occupational Guide (pdf)

Business and industry:

Sources for business history

Brewers' organisations

Cinema history

Confederation of British Industry (CBI) predecessors

The Confederation of British Industry and predecessor archives (booklet published in 1997) (pdf)

Co-operative sources (pdf)

Motor industry sources

Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd archive (booklet published in 1997) (pdf)

Finding-aid to employment sectors represented in our digitised interview recordings

Education, health and social welfare:

History of education

History of health and work

Guide to resources on mental health

History of social work

Sources for the history of disability and disability rights


The personal papers of Sir Victor Gollancz (booklet published in 1997) (pdf)

A postman's round (extracts from the diary of a Victorian letter-carrier in East London) (booklet published in 1991) (pdf)

Tom Mann: A bibliography (booklet published in 1993) (pdf)

International events and issues:

The Anti-Vietnam War Movement

Britain and Europe

Germany, 1918-1950

Sources for the study of Latin America

Sources for the study of South Asia

The Spanish Civil War, 1936-39

Local History:

Archive sources on Coventry at the Modern Records Centre


Anarchist, Libertarian and Syndicalist sources

Trotskyist sources

Protest and pressure groups:

The Anti-Vietnam War movement

Pacifist history

Role of women:

Women at work and in society (booklet, 2nd edition, published in 1991) (pdf)

Trade unionism:

Taff Vale case papers

The Osborne case papers and other records of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants (booklet published in 1979) (pdf)

The General Strike, 1926

The Grunwick dispute, 1976-8

The Miners' Strike, 1984-5

The Trades Union Congress archive, 1920-60 (booklet published in 1992) (pdf)

The Trade Union Congress archive 1960-70 (booklet published in 1998) (pdf)

The International Transport Workers' Federation archive (booklet published in 1985) (pdf)

A guide to the archives of the Transport and General Workers' Union

Local labour records


Cycling history

Motor industry sources

Linguistics and phonetics:

Finding-aid to the various accents in our digitised interview recordings