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Who's Who at the Modern Records Centre

The Modern Records Centre is a department within the University Library and has ten full and part-time members of staff.

Contact us for more information about the Modern Records Centre, our collections and services.

Charlotte Berry, Archives Manager

Charlotte is responsible for the University Library’s extensive archive collections, held in specialist premises at the Modern Records Centre in the Library Extension, where the MRC runs a searchroom, several strongrooms, a seminar room and an exhibition space. As well as looking after the MRC team of nine staff, Charlotte works on strategy and policy, helping with teaching and outreach, work with potential depositors around bringing in new acquisitions, building new relationships across the University and further afield, and generally doing as much as possible to preserve and advocate the MRC's internationally significant holdings.

A J Jones, Digitisation Assistant

A J Jones works on the MRC's main digitisation projects, scanning documents, creating and proof-reading text files, and uploading data onto the MRC's online catalogue. She also assists with running the public service, working front of house and behind the scenes in document production.

Carole Jones, Archive Assistant

Carole Jones works in customer service both front of house and behind the scenes in document production and returns, provides a reprographics service for researchers and clerical and administrative support for the MRC team. She also assists with digitisation projects and with the processing and listing of incoming archives.

James King, Senior Assistant Archivist

James King is primarily concerned with sorting and cataloguing archive collections and researching and writing administrative histories, as well as supervising the MRC searchroom and answering enquiries.

Rachel MacGregor, Digital Preservation Officer

Rachel MacGregor manages the MRC's digital preservation systems and leads on accessioning, appraising, cataloguing and maintaining digital archives held by the MRC.

Lizzie Morrison, Archive Assistant

Lizzie Morrison helps out with the retrieval of archival material, Special Collections books and dissertations from the Modern Records Centre strongrooms so that they can be used by visitors, and assists in putting items away when they have been finished with. She also shares responsibility for the day-to-day management of the University Archive.

Melissa Prior, Widening Participation Officer

In collaboration with the library and other departments in the university, Melissa Prior develops resources, designs exhibitions and runs outreach activities for students, school children and other archive researchers.

Martin Sanders, Senior Assistant Archivist

Martin Sanders contributes to the acquisition, processing and provision of access to the Centre’s archive holdings through liaison with document owners, production of finding aids, advising users, answering enquiries, and contributing to outreach work. He has been particularly involved in the digitisation of our audio-visual holdings.

Naomi Shewan, Archive Assistant

Naomi Shewan assists with running the public service, working both front of house and behind the scenes in document production and returns. She provides a reprographics service for researchers and administrative support for the MRC team as well as processing and listing incoming archives. Naomi Shewan also helps with digitisation projects and accessioning University Archive deposits.

Liz Wood, Assistant Archivist

Liz Wood accessions and catalogues archive collections, replies to general enquiries, manages the MRC's digitisation projects, develops online resources, runs student seminars, creates archive exhibitions, works front of house and contributes to other aspects of the MRC's outreach work.