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Three female students from CLL discussing something from one of their laptops in a classroom setting

Read blogs written by our teaching staff on topics and events they're interested in, or by students who journaled down a specific topic during their learning. You can also find blogs written by our staff to help you prepare your applications for a programme.

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30 Jan

Have Coaches Forgotten about Congruence?

You are congruent when you are aware of your own feelings and ensure that words and actions are matched to these internal feelings. But has the origins of congruence and the importance in coaching been lost, and replaced by the need to enable the client to self-direct a coaching session?

27 Dec 2023

Coaching Presence and Use of Self

Use of self and coaching presence are terms often used by coaches, coaching authors, and coaching professional bodies, but what do these this mean? How do I ‘use myself’ and what is my ‘presence’? Is my ‘presence’, the same as being ‘present’?

13 Nov 2023

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: The Power of Coaching

Hear from Ian Day about his reflection on Imposter Syndrome and how Coaching can play a role in overcoming it.

10 Jul 2023

Unleashing the Power of Team Coaching: Ignite Collaboration and Success

Hear from our Coaching course lead Ian Day about team coaching - what are the benefits, and the skills required from the team coach.

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