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Senior Tutor 2022

Senior Tutor 2022

Wellbeing and support services

  • The Wellbeing portal is still the key place to send students (virtually in the first instance); they can triage enquiries to appropriate psychological/ financial/ housing etc. support. Counselling is currently via Teams, but individual.; 024 7657 5570
  • See the Wellbeing updates for this year below -- a new Wellbeing programme has been added. Do let students know about this where appropriate.


  • We have developed a 5-session Wellbeing Programme - Steps to Wellbeing to equip our student population to thrive whilst they study with us. This rolling programme will offer 5 one hour interactive sessions on key wellbeing issues -students can book themselves onto the 5 week programme to gain the key skills and strategies they need to navigate the challenges of student life:

- Managing Stress and Anxiety

- Productivity and Work: Life Balance

- Managing Change and Uncertainty

- Boosting low mood

- Sleep and relaxation



  • Our self help resources are available for staff and students and cover a wide range of wellbeing issues
  • Wellbeing Masterclasses continue to be available for students online and accessible 24/7 - we have updated ourFeeling Good and Functioning Well Masterclass which will run live 4 times per week. Please encourage any student who is interested in embedding sound evidence-based wellbeing strategies to proactively manage their wellbeing whilst at Warwick. It’s an informal and non-intrusive session, where students don’t need to contribute if they don’t want to.
  • Brief Consultation sessions - (this link works for students only) are available online by Teams (and face to face where necessary) (Mon-Fri 10am – 3pm) to help students access same day support and work out the next step.
  • Longer Wellbeing Appointment sessions (access via brief consultations) are available to give students practical strategies to help them manage any wellbeing issues pro-actively, as well as giving practical advice on a huge number of issues which can impact wellbeing, such as accommodation, personal family issues, health, crime, sexual violence etc.
  • The Disability Team continues to give support with disabilities such as dyslexia, mental health and autism spectrum (including reasonable adjustments, specialist mentoring/ student skills, screening for Specific Learning Difficulties, and general advice and support on disability). Students can contact the Disability Team via the Wellbeing portal
  • Our Counselling and Psychology Interventions Team (CAPIT) continues to offer video, email and face to face therapy, as well as groups. We aim to maintain an average of only a 2.5 week wait for appointments
  • Induction resources - short 10 minute induction videos are available with bespoke wellbeing advice for UG, PGT, and PGR). Please use them in your academic induction sessions.
  • Our Student Funding team continue to support students with information, advice and guidance on statutory UK government support, hardship funding, Warwick Bursary and budgeting advice
  • Remember Togetherall offers 24/7 mental health support for all students and staff. Please visit the The Staff Wellbeing Hub for support available to staff.

Other resources for student support

  • The student and staff mental health online support service the Big White Wall has now changed its name to Togetherall. This offers workshops and online group sessions with trained mental health professionals and may be a good stop-gap while students wait for counselling. (students/staff)
  • SU Advice centre (students)

Useful documents

First meeting with a personal tutee:

Personal tutor agreement

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion statement

Subsequent meetings:

Personal Development Plan form

Checklists for personal tutee meetings (Years 1-3):

Checklist for First Year UG Personal Tutee meetings

Text prepared by Dr Liz Barry, Senior Tutor