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Modes of Reading (Archive 2012-13)

Please note: this page is archived from the 2012-13 academic year. It is therefore out of date and not applicable to this academic year.

On this page you will find information for the seminars that I teach. There will be documents that will have already been handed out to students, but there will also be extra material that you might find interesting, perhaps on a specific writer or theory about which you wish to know more.

Additional Reading List

I'll keep a list here of extra reading if you wish to follow up a particular topic, or if there are questions in the seminar that lead you to read some more on the topic.

Adams, Tim. 21 October 2012. 'Lucy Kirkwood: "Boys are force-fed this very plastic sexuality on a mass scale"', Observer, Culture section <> [accessed 21 October 2012]

MacInnes, Colin. Absolute Beginners. 1959.


Here I will upload the documents handed out during the weekly seminars. These should act as a back up for you, not as a replacement for coming to the seminar. As such they will only be available after the seminar on this page.

Seminar Presentations


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