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Programmes and Events

PGT Lunch

Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch and attend this weekly session to hear from a range of speakers. This weekly session has several aims: to build student community; to develop academic and research skills and to give students the opportunity to meet and hear from staff in the department.

You can find the full list of planned activities here.

Research Seminars and Reading Groups

All postgraduate students are expected to attend the weekly Departmental Research Seminar, which takes place on alternate Wednesdays from 12-2 pm. This is a valuable opportunity to hear from eminent speakers on a range of topics and to network with staff and students in the department.

The History Department is also host to an extensive collection of research centres and groups which run their own activities and events including:

For more information on these Centres and other research groups and projects in the Department, see here. Please get in touch with Centre Directors if you would like to know more.

Events Calendar

The Department of History Events Calendar gives details of all seminars, conferences, workshops and events. Upcoming department events are listed below:

Postgraduate Conference

In Term 3, the department runs a two-day conference for Warwick History postgraduate students to make presentations on their own research. The conference is run by students and open to both PGT and PGR. Students can present a preliminary research outline, or more developed work.

The audience for the Conference is made up of fellow graduate students, staff in the Department and other academics and Warwick students who may be interested. The purpose is to provide you with an opportunity to develop your presentational skills in a professional environment, and to enable you to receive informed feedback on your work from other historians.

All research and taught MA students are expected to attend the conference.

PGT Poster Competition

Details TBC - to take place in Term 3.

All PGT students are invited to create a poster outlining their research and submit this for a course-wide competition. The aim is to help students to consolidate their ideas and develop presentation skills and to celebrate the achievements of PGT students at the end of the year. The posters will be put on display for staff and students to view so that students can also receive feedback on their work.



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