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Fayyaz Minhas

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Hello, and Welcome to my research and teaching profile!

My primary area of research is machine learning in bioinformatics and computational pathology. I am affiliated with the PathLAKE Center of Excellence as well as the Tissue Image Analytics Lab at Warwick.

  • Contact: fayyaz dot minhas at Warwick dot ac dot UK!


  • Wanna learn data mining and machine learning? Here's a way! (My lecture series)
  • "TIA, PathLAKE en daarbuiten" (TIA, PathLAKE and Beyond) by Fayyaz Minhas, Seminar Digitale Pathologie: Onderweg naar Computational Pathology en Ai, 26 May 2021.
  • "Surviving Survival Analysis" (Tutorial series on Survival Prediction in Computational Pathology)
  • Stopping CRISPR with Machine Learning - Invited talk at the warwick health global research priorities webinar , Dec. 4, 2020
  • Whole Slide Images are Graphs - Invited talk at the Digital Pathology and AI Congress, Dec. 3, 2020
  • Solving the cat and mouse puzzle with reinforcement learning
  • Presentation in IJCNN 2020 on Generalized Neural Framework For Learning With Rejection
  • Presentation in CVPR 2020 on Capturing Cellular Topology in Multigigapixel histopathology images
  • Presentation in CVPR 2020 on Cross-Domain Knowledge Transfer for Prediction of Chemosensitivity in Ovarian Cancer Patients