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Shan Raza

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Associate Professor

Contact Details

Room: CS3.05
Department of Computer Science
University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL
Tel: +44 24 7657 3801


Dr Shan E Ahmed Raza is Associate Professor in Computer Science and is associated with the Applied Computing divisionLink opens in a new window and the Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) CentreLink opens in a new window. Before joining Warwick, Dr Raza held a postdoctoral position for two years at the Institute of Cancer Research, UKLink opens in a new window working on the lung TRACERx project funded by Cancer Research UK (CRUK)Link opens in a new window. Prior to that, he worked for three years as research fellow at Warwick CS department on a BBSRC funded project exploring the origin of new beta cells during pregnancy. Dr Raza obtained BSc degree in electrical engineering from University of Engineering and Technology (UET), TaxilaLink opens in a new window in 2008 and MS in systems engineering from Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), IslamabadLink opens in a new window in 2010. He obtained PhD in Computer Science from Warwick in 2014, where his research focused on detection of biomedical anomalies using multiplexed images. During his PhD and postdoc roles, he gained hands on experience in the wet labs to prepare tissue samples for multiplexed imaging. In his current role, Dr Raza is associated with the TIA Centre at Warwick, is Co-I on the PathLAKE, PathLAKE-plus and BigPicture projects, who are working on digitisation of pathology labs and development of CPath algorithms across the UK and the EU. His research is primarily in the areas of brightfield and multiplexed microscopy image analysis and applied machine learning. Specifically, he is interested in development of CPath algorithms for studying tumour microenvironment. Dr Raza is leading on the NGFF (next generation file format) workstream which is an Innovate UK initiative on interoperability in healthcare. He has led the development of TIAToolboxLink opens in a new window for end-to-end deployment of AI algorithms in CPath and is working closely with the developers on the MONAI project.

Research Interests

Computational Pathology, Multi-Channel and Multi-Model Image Analysis, Deep Learning and Pattern Recognition, Integration of Histology with Genomics

Current Research Projects

PathLAKE funded by Innovate UK

PathLAKE plus funded by Innovate UK

BigPicture funded by ERC


CS324: Computer Graphics

CS1D6 - Introduction to data and statistics


Please click here for a full list of publications.