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Papers Received

I shall put here the full papers received. Thank you very much to the authors! Sometimes these are draft papers which will be revised before the meeting. They are in the form received by the authors (perhaps having been converted to pdf as needed to place on this site). I have only checked that I can read them on screen and print them out. If you have difficulties accessing the papers from this page please let me know. If you have submitted a paper and not seen it appear here within a couple of days, please let me know.

I have added here the slides from the presentation of Alena Šolcová (very late due to my delay!) 2nd June 2010.



Arianna Betti Johan Blok2 Paola Cantù Anita Kasabova2
Sandra Lapointe Michael Otte3* Stefan Roski Paul Rusnock
Jan Sebestik2 Maria van der Schaar Stefania Centrone Mark Siebel
Ken Archer  Katerina Trlifajova2 Anne-Sophie Brüggen Alena Šolcová

* withdrawn pending publication