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Archived resources

Some useful links that supply a context for archived resources include indices to: 3rd year projects; EM papers; research reports; PhD and MSc-by-Research theses; MSc project work; CS405 resources; WEB-EM contributions; S4 resources.

Other archive resources that predate the current EM webpage can be found in the ~public/WMB2004 directory, which is not appropriately web-indexed but contains reference material that was used in teaching prior to 2004. (See for instance the original documentation for dtkeden drawn up by Patrick Sun and Richard Cartwright in 1998.)

Other relevant documents are accessible (but not explicitly indexed) in amongst teaching resources. These include documents generated during a discussion of EM with other colleagues c. 1996 and others prompted by discussion with students (see e.g. claims and other documents in this public directory).

There are a number of resources associated with education-related conferences held in July 2005. A paper prepared for EISTA05 in Florida was accepted but later withdrawn since presentation was not feasible. A modified version of the paper was later submitted to ICALT'05, but this was accepted only as a short paper, and would have been difficult to abbreviate. Subsequently, a variant of the paper was revised and presented at the Kaleidoscope Showcase event in Oberhausen. (Consult ~wmb/RESEARCH/EISTA05 and ~wmb/RESEARCH/KALEIDOSCOPE.)

A submission was prepared for a workshop relating to Beethoven's Piano Sonatas from op.13 to op.31 to be organised by the music department at the university of Leuven in March 2005. The workshop was apparently subsequently rescheduled for October / November 2005, but no further response was received.

An attempt at revision of the original LSD report (EM paper #086) was undertaken in connection with CS405 in 2012, but perhaps never completed.

Many resources were developed for variants of jseden prior to, and at the early stages of the CONSTRUIT! project. Work to transform these resources so that they work with the most recent variant of jseden - the construit version - would be welcome. Examples of interesting models include Zhu Hui's LR parsing model, which is the theme of a lab session from the last session of CS405 in 2013-14:

The source for the parsing model can be found in dcs/emp/jseden/dcs/emp/jseden/LIVE/master/models/parsingEMPE The model is executed using an earlier version of JS-Eden:

Eric Chan supplied a .tty version of the EDEN sudoku model

Simon Yung's report on the EPSRC project "Agent-oriented Modelling for Interactive Systems" (July 1st 1996).

A report on summer project work on the (related) theme of Definitive to Procedural Translation by Nathan Griffiths

SBR and WMB organised a workshop in Rostock from Monday 29th May to Friday 9th June 2006. The topic was Empirical Modelling for Computing and Business. The workshop was a Summer School for 20 German and Russian students. For details, consult ~/RESEARCH/ROSTOCK2006. Some resources associated with the workshop include:

  • a brief overview / abstract and provisional timetable
  • seminars for a broader academic audience
  • an introductory exercise ("Kennen Sie Deutschland?")
  • practical exercises relating to the KSD coursework / notes on the clock model
  • Practice to Process -- notes based on EM paper #067 on the logistics of rework
  • Examination paper / Oral examination / Student responses

Resources being developed in response to an FET request intended to shape the work programme for 2011-12. Scanned doc in ~/RESEARCH/FET/inforequest includes:

  • details of the FET request
  • topical concerns for EM documentation (cf ~/RESEARCH/FUTURE2009/future2009.html) notes from discussion with Megan

EM third-year projects 1995-6 -- documentation in the context of the progress presentation in November 1995

Draft thesis writings on software development by Russell Boyatt

Many documents compiled over the course of the EM project relate to the role of theory in computing. This was a particular topical theme before the modelling practice had been developed and prior to the proposal for a Jamesian semantics:

A paper entitled ARCA as an archetypal definitive notation was submitted to ESOP in 1986

    • see ~/SNOW/arca/esop86/ directory (source was troff)
    • at least one figure is missing from the archived paper

Seminar by Beynon and Yung 3rd November 1992

A one page summary of the status of the Empirical Modelling project dating from c.1998, about the time when the last edition of S4 was delivered (with annotations). Missing text on the LHS: possibly "Computing concepts (such [much] as engineering) expose limitations of math models" and "Language in general subject to conventional observation and interpretation".

Chris Roe's 36 pages of notes on 'the EM story', based on many EM publications between 1986 and 2000.

Chris Roe draft paper (18pp) on Applying EM to Railway Management Scenarios? (April 5th 2001)

Transcription of WMB's talk at a visualisation workshop organised by Julie Tolmie on 19th June 2007 (cf. EM paper #103)

S4 resources include an annotated version of the unfinished text document ~/RESEARCH/SEPT95/manifesto.txt

School workshop organised by SBR and WMB 5th March 2011 Constructivist Computing slides and exercises

EM 'Wiki Construal' proposal for Warwick e-learning showcase 10th March 2008

Draft paper on Implementing EM principles for evolving software Beynon, Pope, Russ

Report on CT'97 by WMB

Schemebuilder: engineering design and mechatronics reflections by WMB

From Spreadsheet to Websheet Nov 20 1996 article

Notes on Latour's guarantees ("The Promises of Constructivism")

Notes from the Symposium for Science and Technology Education at Joensuu on 19th September 2013

  • organised by Erkki Sutinen via internet
  • Riitta Maijala, Director of Science Policy for the Finnish Ministry

John Clare on Teaching and Learning Latin 2006

LSRI Research Day (including a seminar from Meurig Beynon) 9th November 2010

Publication to-do list 14th July 2005

SWOT analysis for EM 2010

Let IT Be debate at Real-Time Club 3rd February 2015

Willard McCarty's reference for EM (c.2009)

SBR's notes on The Computer as a Modelling Medium (EM paper #009)

Beynon and Ness (c1996) EM - A Development Methodology for reactive Systems?

Allan Wong and Meurig Beynon Soft-Interfaces for Ubicomp Appliances

New Paths for Programming in Theory and Practice, IBM Warwick SW Development Lab, Sept 1992 [paper and slides]

Presentation at Warwick DCS Language Club on Tuesday April 29th 2008

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a given software development methodology? (unattributed notes)

Worlds Before and Beyond words: Virtual Formality for Virtual Reality? slides from Talk at UNC, Dec 1996

A definitive programming approach to the implementation of CAD software (an extended abstract for EM paper #013)

Various Open Day activities:

ACE Jan 2000 (Clayton Tunnel), Contemplating and Computing (Sudoku) Nov 2008, Lift Adventure c2008

Resources / info re Introduction to EM (Harfield, Chinnisarn, Russ) at Burapha University, Thailand June-July 2011

Warwick International Summer School proposals: 2011 and 2012

Presentation on the Erlkoenig model - slides

SBR note on a geometric locus definition problem