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Resources for the training course

Friday May 8, 16.00-21.00 Training course with school teachers

17.00-17.45 introducing the CONSTRUIT! personnel and project

Dimitris Alimisis, Manolis Zoulias (Edumotiva), Meurig Beynon, Chris Hall, Elizabeth Hudnott, Steve Russ (Warwick), Ilkka Jormanainen (UEF)

17.45-18.15 Introduction to the ideas underpinning making construals from a pedagogical perspective

CONSTRUIT! - How do you think it works? How we think IT works [MB]

The Money Math game as an example of an open educational resource

Observables, dependency and agency: Karl King's presentation of the JUGS construal [SR]

[Karl's presentation can be run using the EDEN interpreter]

18.45-21.00 Session I: Exploring and modifying construals: activities with the Shopping construal.

Worksheet 1 on the Shopping construal - and how the items move [SR]

Worksheet 2 on the Light in the Room construal [IJ]

Worksheet 3 on the Electrical Circuit construal [EH]

[Worksheets 2 and 3 relate to key steps in deriving a game from the Shopping construal]

The three construals can be accessed via the Project List for

Saturday May 9, 11.00-15.00 Training course with school teachers

11.00-12.30 Session II : Experiments and activities with construals of a Light Box, Hexagon Colouring and the Game of NIM.

Introducing Session 2 - issues to reflect on [MB]

The three construals can be accessed via the Project List for

13.00-14.00 Session III : Applying construals to support teaching and learning.

From a Shopping construal to a Shopping game: a guided walk (cf. Worksheets 2 and 3) [MB]

Worksheet 4 - an exercise in blending the Light in the Room and Electrical Circuit construals [MB]

Playing Nim with an unknown opponent - distributed interaction with the Nim construal [EH]

The Piano Keyboard construal - illustrating audio and video in JS-EDEN [EH]

The Piano Keyboard construal can be found on the Project List

 14.00-15.00 Final discussion/evaluation of the experience gained with the teachers, future plans.