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Circuit construal worksheet

The figure shown on the canvas illustrates a construal of a simple electrical circuit that includes a battery, three switches and two bulbs.

  1. List the observables that represent the electrical components of the circuit.
  2. Experiment with opening and closing switches to find out when the leftmost bulb lights up.
  3. Try altering the picture observable to discover the name of the observable that represents the leftmost bulb.
  4. Use the Dependency Map to identify the observables that affect the observable you identified in Question 3.
  5. What is the name of the observable that determines whether the leftmost bulb lights up? Which dependency defines this observable?
  6. How would you simulate the failure of the leftmost bulb?
  7. What other observables affect the leftmost bulb?
  8. How would you change the width of the master switch?
  9. Use the dependency map and the observable list to identify all of the base observables. Try to describe which characteristic of the circuit diagram each base observable relates to.
    Hint: A base observable is one that is not defined using a dependency. The base observables are written in black text in the observable list.