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Exercises, Experiments, Mini-Projects

  1. Exercises with the room construal
    • making different kinds of doors, elaborating the model
    • investigating game-like exercises based on 'debugging' the dependency relationships in the room construal
    • comparison with Logo specification of the room diagram
    • ? potential link to the agenda for / where it might be possible to conceptualise the novice programmer's steps towards achieving their goal in terms of observables and dependencies that can inform generic hints
    • exploring potential ways to integrate Donald-like geometry with JS-EDEN
  2. Jugs puzzle agenda
    • documenting experience of solving the puzzle
    • improving the interface: conventions for labelling selections and observables
    • introducing transpositions in preference to combobox selectio
    • applying the same principles to some other model
    • making a construal to explain the puzzle solving behaviour
    • adapting the puzzle mechanism itself
  3. Debugging a construal
    • e.g. modifying Seb Sidbury's construal so that it doesn't work in certain ways
      • is the engine broken - and how?
      • is the speedometer broken
      • adapting the car model for use within a broader context of 'a driving experience'
  4. Blending construals
    • General exercises for classroom use to be
      • viewing expressions to be factorised / numbers in calculation / long multiplication
      • making a purchase: display items/coins
      • bubblesort with invariants: cf. Web EDEN experiments with bubblesort