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Resources for teachers

The Getting Started with JS-Eden worksheet:

  • A copy of the Getting Started with JS-Eden worksheet as a .pdf and .doc file (as at
  • Notes from the original author, Antony Harfield, describing the way in which he organised classroom sessions with students at the 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens in September 2015.
  • You can access the completed solar system model at c2/solar in the JS-Eden project repository (as explained in the column of text on the right side of this webpage)..
  • A cautionary note on the use of the Rewind and Redo buttons
  • Informal notes for a brief introductory talk and demo given by Meurig Beynon at the student workshop at the 2nd Experimental Gymnasium of Athens on 17/04/2016.

Links to resources for Part 2 of the workshop for teachers - see the instructions in the right-hand column:

  • To explore Nick Pope's 'triangle' construal further, consult examples/triangles/simple in the JS-Eden project repository.
  • For an exercise in building a construal to visualise ratio, based on the work of Steve Russ and Jonny Foss, consult c15/resources/ratio/exercise in the JS-Eden project repository.
  • A technical worksheet (as .pdf and as .doc) with further exercises on Rectangles, Divs and Buttons in JS-Eden.
  • For a construal related to making a musical instrument by Elizabeth Hudnott, consult the presentation at Elizabeth/demos/midi/playNotesJSPE in the JS-Eden project repository.
  • When you have some experience of exploring the construals mentioned above, you can explore other construals in the repository for which no worksheet is supplied, such as nick/circuit, hexcolouring and scifest2015/piano.

More on the principles of 'making construals'

The key concepts and principles for making construals have been the central theme of several publications and of other learning activities associated with the CONSTRUIT! project. For further insight into the nature of making construals, you can study the construals presented in previous activities, such as the three construals (purse, makefromscratch, givingchange) introduced in Sessions S4 and S5 in the activity C6 that was held at Warwick in December 2015. You may also find it helpful to study the construals in the itag/shopping directory in conjunction with this tutorial paper that was presented at iTAG2015. Please feel free to upload your work to the JS-Eden repository, and do not hesitate to contact Dimitris Alimisis at Edumotiva, or Meurig Beynon, the scientific coordinator of CONSTRUIT!, at wmb[at] if you have any questions.

How to access example construals

Click here to access JS-Eden.

(It will open in a new browser tab. If you get a message about changes to view/script/input, just respond 'no'.)

Load each construal in a separate instance of JS-Eden.

To try out a construal, click on the pop up ("more") menu icon at the bottom right of the 'input' tab in the MCE and select the 'Browse Agents' option. Use the tick boxes to select the construal you wish to load, and click the 'Add' button. The construal will be recorded in one or more tabs that appear in the input interface. To run the script in a given tab, select the tab with the right mouse button and click 'Run(force)' option.

Uploading your own construals

You can create and store your own construals in the JS-Eden repository. For details of how to do this, consult this wiki information page. Note that you will need to use a login for a Google or Twitter account.