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Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops: examples

Virtual workshops:

  • "allow students who attend learning activities in person to follow up online" (p34)
  • "address a specific topic and lead to the development of appropriate shared OERs"
  • "will focus on different thematic areas and will be oriented towards the needs of specific target groups" (p66)

  1.  Shopping
  2. Solar system
  3. Arduino: Binary to hexadecimal and eCraft2Learn
  4. Hex colouring
  5. Sorting: Potsort and Bubblesorting
  6. Internal Combustion Engine: Workshop, 3D Engine, abstract engine cycles
  7. Regular Polygons: Non-recursive Version and Recursive version
  8. The OXO laboratory
  9. NIM: Nim Coins and Seven Stone
  10. Adventures in a lift
  11. Lift simulation
  12. The tone matrix, the Artiphon
  13. Dog - Whack-a-mole - from scratch
  14. Linear algebra fundamentals