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Practical lab sessions

  • Solar system worksheet : as walkthrough
  • MC and the MCE
  • More about the MCE
  • The OXO laboratory -- Hamish and schools agenda with Chris
  • Shopping doxygen
  • Hex colouring doxygen (possibly collaborative?)
  • Nim coins
  • Light box
  • technical 'with' examples -- e.g. make distinct list, human move in OXO (ref PPIG)
  • 'hackathon'
  • peer-to-peer
  • with examples from PPIG paper
  • when in lift scenario: /dcs/acad/wmb/public_html/UsingEMPE/presliftBeynon2003/liftBeynon2003
  • walkthrough demo followed / changed?
  • round table: Hex Col / Nim / Light Box


  • function inspector/tester pattern
  • play OXO against online OXO
  • use with (or for) to make planets / shopping items generic

Possible projects for further development at C7:

  • sin(A+B) reasoning
  • Elizabeth circuits
  • sorting in Gary Shearn's style: derive bubblesort
  • bubblesort with interference (cf. EM paper #107)
  • symmetries in OXO simplified
  • simplifying penny rolling polygon
  • Jupiter's moons / Gallileo : Ville's model correlated with Galileo's observations in his diary of 1610

  • constructibility of regular polygons with ruler and compass
  • Elizabeth 2d geometric modelling
  • collaborative projects: Clayton Tunnel / Mario
  • Napier Chessboard Abacus
  • Artiphon
  • OXO vs online OXO

Evaluation and feedback

  • Piet interviews

Meet the team

  • Jonny PGA TEL
  • Steve Shopping scenes
  • WMB Lift Adventure
  • Russell Mars
  • Elizabeth Circuit / Tone Matrix / Calendar
  • Nick Mario
  • Hamish OXO laboratory
  • Skype with Piet, Peter, Edumotiva and Ant
  • Finnish students: Rajesh and Santosh, Samuli


  • a randomness construal -- how to setup an array of random numbers etc (plus where important)