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C7 Blended mobility of higher education students

This activity will take place at the University of Warwick in the week that starts on the evening of Thursday, December 8th and ends at lunchtime on Thursday December 15th. Further to discussion with our Slovakian and Finnish partners, this meeting will now be organised in such a way that students from Comenius and UEF can arrange 5 day visits flexibly within this one week period. One of the main roles for participants at C7 will be the evaluation of CONSTRUIT! resources, and there will be scheduled lab sessions throughout the week during which participants can review prototype 'workshops' and introductory materials being prepared for an open online course on making construals. There will also be some organised 'classroom-style' sessions where we explain what is to be trialled, pool our feedback and plan future collaborations. These will be scheduled between the afternoon of Saturday 10th December and Monday 12th December.

The principal objective of C7 is to generate feedback to support the further refinement and evaluation of the resources for Making Construals (MC). These resources take the form of a curriculum ("the MCC"), an environment ("the MCE") and online materials ("the MCM"). As reference to the project timetable indicates, C7 is intended to run in parallel with Virtual Workshop activities through which we shall engage online students interested in making construals. Attendees at C7 will subsequently be able to continue their MC studies through online engagement for which dedicated support will be available in conjunction with other scheduled teaching, learning and training activities, such as C16 at Edumotiva in April 2017 and C10 at SciFest in May 2017.

The primary focus for C7 is on two aspects of the MCC that are topical for Year 3 of CONSTRUIT! - identified as MC3a and MC3b respectively on p30 of the project proposal:

  • Deriving OERs from construals
  • Other applications of making construals

The learning activities, which will be led by MC experts and monitored by MC consultants, represent an opportunity to trial and give feedback on the current prototype resources for making construals with particular attention to topics MC3a and MC3b. Suggestions that can guide the future development of these resources and assist in their evaluation and deployment, especially at C10 and C16, are most welcome.