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Sample Feedback sheet

Here is a blank feedback sheet.

Here are some scruffy notes that detail thoughts that occurred to WMB whilst studying some of the standard construals:

The Search box on the title bar has options of this kind 'script: searchterm' and 'depends:obsname'

On the drop down list on a tab: share means upload and make public

Had problems with windows that were could not be arranged in the Z dimension and where there was interference between the Existing Window button and the selected window (because of its location). These were resolved problems in the MCE, but required a browser cache refresh. I subsequently encountered problems through using an MCE instance that had been launched prior to the cache refresh!

In the Shopping Game, right and wrong answers were both shown in green.

The published version of the Shopping Readme had legacy issues and so required a reload.

Alt-+ and Alt-- change fontsize in Script View windows.

All newly created tabs should be entitled Script View, but some legacy pre-existing ones are typically called Agent: a doxygen annotation can remedy this.

^-click has the same effect as using the Inspect button and clicking on a script associated aith an 'import'.

The JSPE environment invoked by

import jspe;

can lead to the JSPE slides window getting occluded by the title bar: the JSPE script is witten in a style that is no longer appropriate: a temporary fix is to use "import wmb/jspe;", which removes some no longer appropriate 'intelligent agency'.

New html content in scripts can now be specified using 'here doc' which eliminates the need for many quote symbols.

It is generally advisable to use Google Chrome as the browser for the MCE -- this is the platform on which the development has been done -- though it should work on Firefox also.

It sometimes seemed to be difficult to locate the cursor when editing the script.

In some circumstances, where a script is longer than a window and so has a slider attached on the RHS, the script Some of the legacy resets to the top when you are trying to make edits and look at the consequences: this inhibits 'making connections'.

Some of the legacy scripts contain compatibility script content that should ideally be eliminated.

Removing unweclome observables from a project is a tricky business that involves first consultig the script generator, thene using an "import .... remove;" statement. Misspelling the name of the imported file when removing is an easy mistake to make!

The lib/defaults file is the source for high-level settings for the interface: there interesting issues and consequences of editing it.

In some circumstances, when loading a script using the file manager, you are given the option of merging files taking account of local edits. (A new interface feature to me.)

If the x or y coordinate of a window on the screen is defined by dependency, the position of the window is now fixed on the screen.