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ALT-C Winter conference

As a follow-up to the presentation at the ALT-C 2016 conference in September, Hamish Macleod and Meurig Beynon are presenting at the online ALT-C Winter conference. Their paper is entitled Construals as Objects-to-Converse-With: Making the Strange Familiar and the Familiar Strange. For the abstract of the paper, consult the programme for the ALT-C Winter conference.

The OXO Laboratory, as implemented in the MCE, will be used for illustrative purposes. This can be accessed in its original form (as demonstrated at the conference) from the following link:

The latest version of the MCE provides a more appropriate interface through which construals can be accessed and packaged as projects. This version is still under development but can be found at present at the link (to be updated in due course):

Relevant projects, for which thumbnails are presented in the catalogue on the above webpage, include: OXO Laboratory, OXO symmetries and OXO Turtle (which has yet to be converted to work with the latest version of the MCE, but can be accessed via the construit.c3 variant cited above by loading the scripts edurobotics/oxologo and edurobotics/oxologo/turtlecol).