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Conference and Meeting Schedule

September 2016

Tue-Thu 6-8 ALT-C Warwick (for an impression of the ALT-C agenda, consult the keynotes)

Wed-Sat 7-10 PPIG Cambridge

Sun-Thu 11-15 C3/M3 Joensuu

Wed-Fri 21-23 ICL Belfast

October 2016

Wed-Thu 25-26 iTAG Nottingham

November 2016

Thu-Sun 24-27 Koli Calling at Koli, Finland [Tapani and Ilkka]

Fri 25 Edurobotics Athens

December 2016

Tues-Thu 6-8 ALT-C Winter conference

Thu-Thu 8-15 C7 Warwick

March 2017

Tue 14th March Aston University seminar

March/April 2017

Wed-Sun 29/3-2/4 C16 Athens

April 2017

Mon 10 Cafe Scientifique Leamington [Steve Russ and Nick Pope]

Mon-Thu 10-13 Association of Teachers of Mathematics Conference, Stratford UK [Napier construal]

Tue 25 Nottingham Trent University workshop

May 2017

Mon-Wed 1-3 Pedagogy review meeting at Warwick

Mon May 1st CONSTRUIT! Open House at Warwick

Thu-Sat 11-13 C10/C13 Scifest Joensuu

June 2017

Mon-Tues 19-20 Ilkka visit (part of C18)

July 2017

Thu-Sun 13-16 First International Conference on Making Construals Warwick

August 2017

Review meetings

CONSTRUIT! and CONSTRUIT 2017 reviews (with Erkki Sutinen)

VR applications (with the WMG AR/VR in Engineering Education group) [notes 1 and 2]

Follow-up funding (with Claire Rocks, Alexandra Cristea, Adam Chester) [Construal Theory of Change notes]

Wed 30 Virtual Workshop to trial peer-to-peer classroom potential