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Making Construals as a New Literacy?

Proposed workshop schedule

15.35 Introduction

15.40 Hands-on experience of making construals

[The Making Construals in the MCE worksheet is an online resource which you can also consult in its printed form.]

16.10 Discussion and feedback (see supplementary resources on the right)

Because of the limited availability of computers for the hands-on activiity, it will be necessary for participants to work in small groups. To reduce the demand for computers, there will also be several iterations of a short 5-10 minute presentation relating to the OXO laboratory (the theme of the thematically related presentation which precedes the workshop) running in parallel with the hands-on session (see screenshots from the OXO laboratory).

OXO lab screenshot

A screenshot showing the OXO laboratory with JSPE slides and the script input window in the MCE

Supplementary resources

  1. The Getting Started with JS-Eden worksheet in context at a workshop for teachers in Athens in April 2016
  2. Feedback from student diaries from the original workshop at an Athens Lycaeum in September 2015.
  3. Antony Harfield, Rene Alimisi, Peter Tomcsanyi, Nick Pope, Meurig Beynon. Constructionism as making construals: first steps with JS-Eden in the classroom. In Proc. of Constructionism 2016, February 1-5, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand, 42-52
  4. Stavroula Misthou's version of the solar system construal.
  5. Rob Freeman's exercise on a BBC Basic solar system model, distributed under a Creative Commons Licence as a resource for the CAS community
  6. Chris Grainger on Coding is not the new literacy.