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Single sided files (for on-screen browsing)

  Name Description File Size Last Editor Last Updated
PDF document ward-v1.103-ss.pdf Full thesis, single sided version for on-screen browsing (17 MB) Sara Kalvala 13/12/07
PDF document 0-frontmtr-v1.103-ss.pdf Front matter (Copyright, Title, Dedication, Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Listings, Acknowledgements, Declaration, Abstract, Abbreviations) (318 KB) Sara Kalvala 13/12/07
PDF document 1-intro-v1.103-ss.pdf Introduction (7.4 MB) 30/11/06
PDF document 2-adm-v1.103-ss.pdf The Abstract Definitive Machine, ADM (1.2 MB) 30/11/06
PDF document 3-dam-v1.103-ss.pdf The Definitive Assembly Maintainer (DAM) machine (1.8 MB) 30/11/06
PDF document 4-eden-v1.103-ss.pdf The Engine for Definitive Notations, EDEN (5.4 MB) 30/11/06
PDF document 5-issues-v1.103-ss.pdf Problematic issues in dependency maintenance (630 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document 6-conc-v1.103-ss.pdf Conclusions, contributions and future work (200 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document 7-endmatter-v1.103-ss.pdf End matter (Bibliography, Index, Colophon) (597 KB) 30/11/06