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CS405 - Introduction to Empirical Modelling 2006/7

Revision notes available


Term 1, weeks 1-10:

  • Lecture: Monday 10am in CS101
  • Lecture: Wednesday 11am in CS101
  • Lab Session: Friday 10am in CS101/CS001 (the IBM lab)

Remember the module forum

Previous material (used in 2005-6) is available for those interested. The current CS405 page is here.

See also:
The First Warwick Electronic Bulletin on EM
The Second Warwick Electronic Bulletin on EM

Download the tkeden tool


Details of the 2006/7 assignment are now available

Online material


    -- see KOT.e in the '~/TEACHING/CS405/CS405-0607/coursework-related/MUSIC/gelpresentation' directory)


    Other Resources

    • The module forum
    • See the web pages CS405 from 2005/6 .