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Special themes

Railway History

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The Abstract Definitive Machine
  • The Abstract Definitive Machine (Lectures 5 and 7 from the Concurrency series)
    • basic architecture
    • illustrative examples: systolic array + railway station animation + Jugs in the ADM
    • Human and Machine perspectives on the ADM
    • the Authentic ADM
  • the am and the telephone animation
  • A series of eight lectures provided the main thread for the S4: EM for Concurrent Systems module:
  • Cadence was one of several tools developed by Nick Pope that were used to support practical work in CS405:
    • It was first introduced in 2010-11 and subsequently used in 2011-12
    • some documentation and resources for Cadence were developed in 2010-11
    • supplementary notes were appended to the Lab 2 exercise sheets [2010-11] / [2011-12]