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WEB-EM-10 Abstracts and Feedback

I have compiled your WEB-EM-10 abstracts and modelling study descriptions on this page, together with my feedback. You may find useful to read the other people's proposals together with my comments. This may help you to identify opportunities to discuss ideas with other students and recognise where you may be facing similar issues. You will also get a clearer picture of what is expected by way of a final submission.

Ben Beeson Abstract Feedback
Joe Butler Abstract Feedback
Shivani Goel Abstract Feedback
Ruth King Abstract Feedback
Josh Lawrence Abstract Feedback
Fiona Tang Abstract Feedback
Jeffrey Downie Abstract Feedback
Eyimofe Prest Abstract Feedback
Theerayut Sueverachai Abstract Feedback
Hamish Todd Abstract Feedback
Yibo Zhao Abstract Feedback

Please bear in mind that you can still modify your proposal at this stage, and may wish to do this in the light of my comments. But do consult with CS405 tutors and/or myself before making a radical change of plan!

In preparing your final submission, please consult the Author guidelines for a standard template and general advice on the writing process.