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Intelligent and Adaptive Systems Research Group News

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Visit by IAS and FACENS people from Brazil

We are happy to announce a workshop together with IAS and FACENS people, coming from Brazil, and interested in pedagogy in e-learning: 27th of April, 13:00 -15:00, CS104.

IAS: Ayrton Senna Institute

FACENS: Faculdade de Engenharia de Sorocaba

Wed 27 Apr 2016, 11:31 | Tags: Educational Technology Funding People

Alexandra I. Cristea on sabbatical in November at L3S Hannover

Alexandra is exploring new collaboration ways with L3S.

The L3S is a research center for basic and applied research in the field of Web Science. The L3S researchers develop new, innovative methods and technologies that enable intelligent and seamless access to information on the Web, link individuals and communities in all aspects of the knowledge society – including science and education, and connect the Internet to the real world and its institutions.

The L3S is a research-driven institution that stands out through its significant innovations, and attracts top-class graduate and PhD students and staff members from around the world because of its cutting-edge research culture. For young scientists the L3S is encouraging, innovative, international, supportive and independent.

Questions that deal comprehensively with the challenges of the field of Web Science Research are addressed in a variety of projects. Since its inception in 2001, the L3S has brought together numerous scientists from the areas of information retrieval, databases, semantic web, performance modeling, service computing and mobile networks that challenge and actively pursue interdisciplinary research. The total research budget amounts to more than 6 million Euros annually, with a variety of projects in the areas of

  • Intelligent Access to Information
  • Next Generation Internet
  • E-Science
  • Web Governance

Our Hereward project on the Wall Street Journal

The Hereward project, helping people with disabilities to grasp 3D priniting and be co-designers, made also the Wall Street Journal news:

Tue 23 Sep 2014, 11:53 | Tags: Media Educational Technology Funding

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