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Second Year Computer Systems Engineering BEng/BSc/MEng 2018/19

The normal load is 120 CATS credits. Students are required to take six core modules and additional credit selected from the list of optional modules.

In order to progress to the third year of the Computer Systems Engineering MEng course students are required to obtain an upper second class honours classification in the second year. Students who fail to do this will transfer to the third year of the BEng/BSc.

Core Modules




CS241 Operating Systems and Computer Networks * 1 15 E(80) A(20)
CS257 Advanced Computer Architecture 2 15 E(80) A(20)
CS261 Software Engineering 2 15 E(50) A(50)
ES2C7 Engineering Mathematics and Technical Computing 1 15 E(80) A(20)
ES2C0 Analogue Electronic Design 2 15 E(80) A(20)
ES2E3 Digital Systems Design 1 15 E(70) A(30)

Optional Modules

CS249 Digital Communications and Signal Processing 2 15 E(80) A(20)
CS255 Artificial Intelligence 1 15 E(60) A(40)
CS258 Database Systems * 1 15 E(70) A(30)
CS263 Cyber Security 1 15 E(70) A(30)
ES2B6 Starting a Business 1,2 15 A(100)
An approved Foreign Language 1,2 15/30 E(50) A(50)

* These modules will be examined normally in the first week of Term 3.

In the summer term of the second year Computer Systems Engineering students are required to select the project which they will pursue in the third year of their studies.

Modules from other Departments

More information on modules taught by other departments can be found at the following sites: