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Intercalated Year

This page contains information for Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Computer Science with Business Studies, and Discrete Mathematics students who are interested in spending a year away from the University (subject to academic performance and UK visa regulations). This can be to either work in industry, a research institute, or to study at a university overseas. The intercalated year is taken between the 2nd and 3rd years of a 3-year degree course. In the case of a 4-year degree course, the year away can be taken between 2nd and 3rd years or between the 3rd and 4th years.

In the first instance, please discuss the possibility of taking an intercalated year with your personal tutor or with the Intercalated Year coordinator, Sara Kalvala.

Why take an intercalated year?

  • An intercalated year provides an opportunity for you to gain employment experience in your area of interest
  • Explore a subject or specialism in more detail and with hands-on experience
  • You will enhance your employability by demonstrating to employers you are committed to a career in a specific area
  • You will develop essential skills for employment in any sector including; communication skills; team working; problem solving; time management and negotiation skills
  • Employers look for evidence of professionalism – the ability to adapt to a professional or business environment. Completing a work placement or year in industry will provide you with the opportunity to acquire and demonstrate these skills at the application and interview stage

Things to think about

Choosing to intercalate is a significant decision and there are a few of things to consider before you apply:

  • The additional cost of another year at university
  • Re-joining your degree a year behind your peers
  • Is the company or location right for you?

Presentation at Returners Meeting

Sara Kalvala gave a Presentation at the Returners Meeting on 10th OctoberLink opens in a new window with useful information. Please read the slides and if you still have questions contact Sara.

Two kinds of intercalated year

Most students opt to spend an year in a work placement - this is usually done through a limited 9-12 month contract. Some (large) companies have specific placement schemes, others treat intercalated students as any other employee. Another option for intercalated year is to spend the year at a University in another country, and in the process experience a different culture and broadening their academic experience. Explore the two approaches below.