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MRes/PhD Graduate Staff Student Liaison Committee

The Graduate Staff Student Liaison Committee (GSSLC) is your opportunity, as a student, to raise any issues you would like to bring to the attention of the Economics Department staff.

"Your opinions are valued and carefully considered, so voice them"

You can use the GSSLC as a way of providing formative feedback for module teachers about the content and process of their teaching, and assessed work format and guidelines. You may also want to raise issues about the facilities provided by the Economics department, library services, computing services, etc.

If you have something you would like to place on the agenda, you can contact one of the GSSLC student representatives or email the GSSLC email account ( ) and this will be read by one of the reps. Information on issues raised by students through GSSLC in the last academic year and the department's response is available here.

The deadline for agenda items is the Friday before each meeting. The agenda and minutes of each meeting will be displayed here. The Warwick Students' Union provides a Code of Practice for SSLCs, which all involved should be familiar with.

Upcoming meetings

  • Term 1 | 3rd November 2021, 1-2pm | Microsoft Teams | Agenda | Minutes
  • Term 1 | 1st December 2021, 1-2pm | Microsoft Teams | Agenda | Minutes
  • Term 2 | 19th January 2022, 1-2pm | Microsoft Teams | Agenda | Minutes
  • Term 2 | 9th March 2022, 1-2pm | Microsoft Teams | Agenda | Minutes
  • Term 3 | 4th May 2022, 1-2pm | Microsoft Teams | Agenda | Minutes



Head of Department
Professor Jeremy Smith
Director of Studies
Elizabeth Jones
Academic Convenor/Deputy Director MRes/PhD Programme
Pablo Beker
Programme Officer (PGR)
Natalie Deven
Student Engagement and Experience Coordinator (Postgraduate)
Lucia Ashley
Senior Careers Consultant
Stephanie Redding

Students 2020/2021

MRes Year 2
Andrea Guerrieri (Chair)
MRes Year 1
Adam Di Lizia (Secretary)
MRes Year 2
Immanuel Feld
PhD Year 1
Nick Scholz
PhD Year 2
Edoardo Tolva
PhD Year 3
Cora Neumaan
PhD Year 4
Srinjoy Sen
PhD Year 5
Omiros Kouvavas

MRes/PhD GSSLC Agendas and Minutes

  • Membership
  • 23 October 2018 | Agenda | Minutes
  • 27 November 2018 | Agenda | Minutes
  • ;15 January 2019 | Agenda | Minutes
  • 5 March 2019 | Agenda | Minutes
  • 30 April 2019 | Agenda | Minutes
  • Annual Report