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Labour market information and its use to inform the career guidance of young people

The Gatsby Foundation is supporting IER with this research which aims to explore the supply of labour market information (LMI) and labour market intelligence (LMI+) in England, to understand sources and identify gaps in both underlying data sources and the provision or dissemination of information. The study will focus on LMI and LMI+ aimed at intermediaries (i.e., careers education professionals, educators, parents/carers) and young people at secondary school and in further education, with a focus on technician careers. This desk based study will provide a comprehensive overview of the LMI landscape in England and map its components. An LMI and LMI+ assessment matrix will be developed and used to evidence and assess sources. The review will be extended to include interviews with LMI and LMI+ suppliers and experts from the UK and internationally.

Do you work with LMI and/or LMI+ aimed at careers intermediaries or young people in secondary school or further education?

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Project Team:

Sally-Anne Barnes

Jenny Bimrose

Stef Poole

Project Duration:

May 2021 - September 2021


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